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The bulk of Woodard Group’s commercial construction volume comes from Tenant Improvements (TI). We have an extensive project portfolio which includes all types of projects. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and active client engagement to insure that Woodard Group product is nothing short of the finest quality. Below are excellent examples of the TI work we performed:

Woodard Group employees and subcontractors have extensive experience in both the construction and renovation of complex and technology-intensive office and medical structures. From dialysis centers to corporate offices, we consistently provide our clients with turn-key solutions, thus insuring the continuity of their business operations and revenue streams (guaranteeing the preservation of their revenue streams).


Greenbrier Medical Associates Chesapeake, VA:

In 2014, Woodard Group completed the $580,000 build-out of 6,000 square feet of grey shell space to a full service medical facility including medical equipment.

Northrup-Grumman Newport News, VA:

Tenant renovation of a 45,000 square foot occupied, restricted access space to include multi-phase after-hours work, and an extensive lobby renovation. The total project cost was over $500,000 and our reference contact is Judy Lewis: (757) 269-2505.

Levy Dental Group Yorktown, VA:

Completed 5,600 square foot 13-chair build-out of a open and operating dental office, worth over $600,000. The Woodard Group reference contact is Dr. Guy Levy: (757) 877-9281.

McDermott Law Offices Hampton, VA:

Recently completed the 3,350 square foot conversion of a single occupancy bank building into tenant space, worth $241,000. Our reference contact is Patrick B. McDermott: (757) 722-0611.

Tidewater Physical Therapy Hampton, VA:

Woodard Group completed a 6,500 square foot office demolition, building expansion, and complete interior build-out in 2008. The total project cost was $640,000 and our reference contact is Jeff Verhoef: (757) 873-2302.

Executive Tower / Pinewood Plaza Hampton, VA:

Simultaneously completed the common area and restroom renovations for Executive Tower (8 floors) and Pinewood Plaza (4 floors), worth $681,000. Our reference contact is Ed Wirick: (757) 406-1164.


Tidewater Physical Therapy Newport News, VA:

Converted a multi-use medical office into a physical therapy and performace center. Woodard Group conducted extensive site work, renovations to the existing facade, and interior alterations worth $980,000. Our reference contact is Jeff Verhoef: (757) 873-2302.


New York Life Norfolk, VA

In 2014, Woodard Group built-out  21,000 square feet spanning two stories at Dominion Tower. This build-out included a new stairwell from the 15th to the 16th floor. Creating the stairwell required lifting structural steel into the space with a crane. The value of this project was $900,000.

Community Services Board (CSB) Hampton, VA:

Interior build-out of six buildings, totaling 120,000 square feet, and completed in October 2007 for $9,500,000. This project features some of our finest millwork and cabinetry. Reference contacts are Craig Hudson, architect: (757) 722-1964 and Chuck Hall, Director of CSB: (757) 788-2366.

CPS, Greenbrier Tower I Chesapeake, VA:

Completed the renovation of 40,000 square feet of occupied office space on two floors, to include lobby renovations which cost $700,000. Our reference contact is Denson House: (757) 361-9410.

Wall, Einhorn, and Chernitzer (WEC) Downtown Norfolk, VA:

Extensive Class A renovation of two floors of occupied office space, over 20,000 square feet, totaling $350,000.

McPhillips, Roberts & Dean, PLC Towne Point Center Norfolk, VA:

Build-out and renovation of active CPA firm in Class A space which cost $400,000. Reference contact is Denson House: (757) 361-9410.

ECPI Virginia Beach, VA:

Common area and restroom renovation of four floors in a Class A space. The phased construction was performed within a constrained timeline – over holidays and student break – and cost $400,000. Reference contact is Marcus Friedman: (757) 490-9090.

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