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Construction Management


Woodard Group’s Project Managers and Superintendents have excellent reputations in the local area for their responsiveness to clients’ needs, attention to detail, and quality assurance. We approach every project with the intent to build a high performance team of designers and subcontractors, and demand the very best from every one of our employees. Woodard Group construction managers and estimators fine-tune detailed schedules and proposals so that we insure that we can conclude a project on time and under budget. We understand that the professional conduct, workmanship, streamlined communication, and performance of our team members has a lasting impact on the overall quality of the final product that we deliver to our clients. We never settle for anything less than 100% effort and quality in everything we do!

With any project that we do, The relationships involving our clients and subcontractors are of the utmost importance. We gather information from all parties involved on every project and work to make sure that everyone has a firm understanding of the expectation and requirements that are needed to complete a exceptional finished project.

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